Kids Self-Esteem – A Story to Build Confidence

You’ve all heard, When I was a child we walked to school. up hill. Both ways. As kids these stories made you roll your eyes. They did not make you feel as though you were so much better off than your parents had been.

When my Dad told similar stories I couldn’t relate. the disconnect happened because my Dad was trying to force a lesson on me that I didn’t have the experience to appreciate.

When you want to build your child’s self confidence, it’s best to remain non-judgmental and to take yourself out of the equation.

Here is a story I use to open up children’s imaginations to the concept of being an Ordinary Superhero – a strong and confident person. your Superhero is the strength you posses within. this story is about becoming aware of and using tools you already posses to feel strong and secure.

Did you know that everyone has a Superhero inside? let me tell you a story.

Lisa is an animal lover. she loves puppies and kittens and hamsters and birds and ferrets and fish and bunnies, oh, the bunnies Lisa especially loves bunnies.

Lisa’s family knows how much she loves animals so after dinner they turn the TV to animal planet just for her. trouble is Lisa hates watching animal planet. she hates it when a sweet little bunny gets eaten by a hawk. she just wants to cry and run screaming from the room

But Lisa knows her family is watching the show just for her and she doesn’t want them to be mad at her for not watching. She’s too afraid to say anything. She’s afraid her family will make fun of her, or be mad at her, or send her to the garbage dump, so she keeps quite. But it’s getting so bad that just thinking about watching animal planet makes her feel sick

Lisa stops eating much at dinner because she’s afraid she’ll get sick. Mom and Dad are really worried about her and ask why she won’t eat. But she doesn’t know how to tell them what’s wrong

Then Lisa feels it, deep down inside she knows she can do this actually, Lisa feels like there’s another person inside her, someone who’s been there all along – a very strong and brave person – kind of like a. a superhero Yah, that’s it, a superhero

At first Lisa’s Superhero is very faint – just a small feeling right behind her belly button. Then she discovers that when she concentrates on that Superhero feeling inside, it gets stronger. Lisa even thinks she can tell her big brother to stop teasing her

So Lisa finds her Superhero again and lets it grow strong inside of her. and wow, does she feel terrific Lisa finds her voice and asks Mom to please pass the potatoes.

This is great Lisa even gives her superhero a name, Super Animal Protector and she feels strong and good about herself. and guess what? she isn’t afraid to talk to her family any more.

So the next night, the family heads to the TV room. Lisa starts feeling sick, but she makes a choice. She’s going to tell her family how she feels. Mom turns on Animal planet and here come the snakes. oh no, not snakes. Snakes are not animals They’re reptiles and they eat bunnies

Lisa is about to cry, but instead she feels Super Animal Protector, lets her grow up inside and says, Hey everybody. Thank you for watching Animal Planet just for me. But the truth is I hate Animal Planet so I’m going to my room to read a book about raising healthy bunnies. and that’s exactly what Lisa does. and she feels strong and good about herself.

Everyone has a superhero. you do too

Please share this story with your child. Share your experiences with self-esteem and times when you’ve pushed through the barrier of anxiety. it will have a profound effect on his/her ability to tap into and use the strongest part of him/herself, Superhero Self-Esteem.

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