Looking for free short stories for kids? Here we share with you some helpful tips and ideas on how to find the right story for your child, among other things. stories are an inseparable part of children’s formative years. Kids who don’t love stories are few and far between. There are many great sources for free  short stories for kids online, where you can find free short stories for children of all age levels.

The Importance of Reading Short stories for Children

Reading stories, songs and rhymes are a very important for the development of your child.  Rhyming helps children to understanding and remember the words and also helps keep the child’s interest in the story.

Song and rhyme not only teach kids about language but also help them remember the  stories.  Short stories for children often use rhythmic and rhyming language.

Many children love songs and rhymes within the stories.   Reading short stories for kids can be used, even with older children as a way to unwind and  relax  before bed.  for very young child it often doesn’t  even matter what exactly is being read to him, as long as you use a calm and soothing voice, it can help him relax and prepare for bed.

As the child matures, choose colorful picture books appropriate for his age. When reading short stories for kids, try to make it interesting and exciting.  by introducing books with fabric or cardboard pages to your little one,you can encourage him to participate by turning the pages without tearing them.  Reading short stories for kids can become a great part of nightly bedtime routine.  this special time can be set aside as a time to calm down and relax and spend some time with parents  before going to bed.

Most children who loved to listen to stories in early childhood grow up to love reading on their own.  Love of reading is an important factor in proper language and literacy skills development and the future love learning in general.

Start reading short stories for kids while they are are still very young.   Enjoying reading books will help children in enjoying reading on their own and contribute to their future academic success.

Short stories for Kids and Babies

Even babies as young as 7.5 months old can benefit from reading and even begin early learning of some basic language skills. make sure to choose appropriate books with bright and colorful illustrations and sturdy cardboard pages for your baby. most young babies focus more on turning the pages and looking at the pictures then actually listening to the words, but they do enjoy some simple rhymes and songs.

Free Short stories for Kids Links

Below is a number of links for free short stories for kids for various age levels.

Here is a link to a variety of illustrated classic children short stories:

Here you can find printable short stories for children arranged  by topics and categories:

Here is another site offering free short stories for kids with an accompanying audio:

Story Time for Me ( is an excellent source for wonderful free short stories for kids aged 1-8.  this website offers an online library of interactive animated children’s books on a variety of topics. The books are categorized according to age level and the basic message of the story. There are over so titles of online free short stories for kids presented at this library.

There are three basic series presented on this site, each centered around one of the main characters: Ben the Mouse, Flame the Dragon and Fern the Fox. while Fern the Fox and Flame the Dragon stories are appropriate for younger children (ages 1-4), Ben the Mouse series is geared to readers in the 4-8 age level group.

In Pete gives it a Try, for example, a story from Ben the Mouse series –, Ben’s friend Pete, with the help and encouragement of his friends, overcomes obstacles on his way to being accepted into the soccer team despite his physical limitations.

There are many more good quality children’s stories to enjoy at Story Time for me.

The Positive value of  Short stories for Kids

Listening to stories can be a great alternative to various other activities offered to children online. So many websites that claim to cater to children often have no constructive educational value in their activities, and can even inflict psychological or emotional damage upon young children. The prevalence of violent and explicit images in today’s video games poses a real threat to the young developing mind of a young child. To counteract this negative influence, the children need to be occupied in a constructive way and be engaged in activities that will encourage proper cognitive development. Reading stories is one example of a enjoyable activity that can be educational as well as entertaining.  Since there is such a great variety of great free short stories for kids available, you’ll be sure to find something that your child will enjoy.


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