Bible Stories – Enoch

Because their hearts were sinful, even those in the Faith line began to get further away from God. They forgot about the animal sacrifices and the promises of the Saviour to come, They began to be more like those in the line of unbelief. They did not like to have Enoch tell them about their sin, bur he did it anyway. he stood up before the people and said to them, the Lord is going to come some day with 10,000 of his saint with him. he will judge you and punish you for your sins.

Enoch walked with God when no one else did, as they walked together they must have talked together too. Enoch must have listened for God’s still small voice speaking to him, perhaps the people laughed at Enoch when he would not join them in doing sinful things. perhaps they got angry with him when he told them that the Lord would come some day to judge them. One day God took him straight to Heaven without dying. the Bible says, and he was not, for God took him.

I wonder what his friends and neighbours thought when he did not come home one night? I wonder if they looked for him, we do not know. it was a wonderful thing that God could take him right into Heaven without his soul and body being separated as they are in death. Enoch is in Heaven now, because he walked with God when it was not easy to do so.

In the New Testament Hebrews 11:5,6 it tells us that by faith Enoch was taken out of the world so that he would not die as everyone else did. the Bible says, Enoch walked with God, and it says also that Enoch pleased God.

One cannot walk very well on one foot. it takes two these two feet tell us what it means to walk by faith as Enoch did. One is marked BELIEVE and the other one is marked OBEY. Because Enoch and God walked together, Enoch must have learned to walk in step with God and listen for his voice. We too, may walk with him, if we believe his Word and obey it.

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