Babysitter Horror Stories

A lot of us have some babysitter horror stories to tell from our childhood.anything from a bad babysitter who just watched TV to some things that are really awful.

Luckily growing up, most of my babysitters were pretty responsible. they picked up after us and actually left the house looking better than when they arrived.

The worst babysitter, for me, was a sitter whose boyfriend came over and I learned what pot was. Not from using it, but because he had it. I still remember the night to this very day. my parents would have been horrified.

Because of these childhood situations, I value knowing exactly who is watching and caring for my own children. I don’t want them to learn things that they shouldn’t and I want a babysitter who will leave my house and my children better than when I left.

I also don’t want to worry about a babysitter who is too busy text-messaging her friends to be too concerned about the safety of my children.

That is why I love to tell people about the options that they now have online to find great babysitters. Many of these sites allow you to screen potential caregivers, see references and even run background checks.

Some of the sites available are:

o Sittercity
o Care
o Nannies4Hire

All of these sites have good reputations and have quality websites and helpful information. you can check them out, find the best one for you, and hopefully avoid babysitting horror stories for your own kids.

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